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The first project born here in 3Dingegno by MaurinoWeb and Marco Spaccialbelli, is the 3D printer MakeXZ. As the name suggests Make XZ is a Cartesian 3D printer (XZ head), but it can have different configurations for different needs in 3d printing... with a little imagination it can also be used as a laser or light cnc machine, ecc..

3d printer make xz

The maximum print area of the Make ZX:

  • 300X210X200 to one X carriaage
  • 250X210x200 with two X carriage
  • Two plates da 130x210x200 if two x carriage are set for copying.

These sizes are calculated with the X module "Classic" which mounts e3dv6, but with other hotend of this size, you may have the same measures

Some information about Make XZ:

  • Native support for dual X carriage.
  • Easy to closure because all the engines are inside the structure.
  • Extruder modules, X modules with secondary modules for multimaterial and fan nozzles.
  • Excellent electronics and structure!
  • Developed with Open hardware (90%), free software and opensource!

To know more details of the entire Make XZ project, visit github or reprap.

We are also present on forum reprap, facebook, twitter, youtube (shortly the first videos of make XZ at work)

All parts of this 3D printer are Open Source and are part of the RepRap project. If you are interested in development you can follow us on github and contribute to the project.

The current version of Make XZ works, but is in development. The first objective is to get to the stable version.

You can download the project from github on the Make XZ main page (use the clone button). I remind you that the project is still in development, some plastics may have variations in the stable version.

We take the opportunity to thank the communities RepRap, FreeCAD, Duet3d and all communities free software and open source of the world.

Soon for new developments... under other images of the Make 3d printer

Z Sistem rear 3d view:

3d printer make xz z sistem

Z Sistem front view (corner right):

3d printer make xz z sistem front

Zoom on X carriages and X modules :

make xz x carriages

Right view:

fianco destro make xz

Front view:

stampante 3d make xz

Top view:

Make XZ vista dell alto

Front 3d view:

make xz front 3d view

rear 3d view:

make xz rear 3d views


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