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FreeCAD video: Structure of the RepRap Make XZ


Here is the structure of the RepRap Make XZ developed with FreeCAD, if you do not see the video refresh the page.

The Make XZ is in full develop, you can see changes in the shortest time (respect to the video), for example in the X module, the multi material module, etc. The video is a very generic presentation of the Make XZ, but it makes the idea, potential and possible expansions!

Soon a new Z-probe all open!! Then let's start with the documentation ;-)


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3d Printer Make XZ


The first project born here in 3Dingegno by MaurinoWeb and Marco Spaccialbelli, is the 3D printer MakeXZ. As the name suggests Make XZ is a Cartesian 3D printer (XZ head), but it can have different configurations for different needs in 3d printing... with a little imagination it can also be used as a laser or light cnc machine, ecc..

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